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Welcome to cook and bake people! Enjoy many recipes from my kitchen my personal way.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Another wondeful noodle soup to try, Taiwanese Noodle Soup has fresh flavor of tomato and soy sauce. I made it yesterday and was very happy to see the reactions from … Continue reading

January 31, 2018 · Leave a comment

Japanese Hamburger Steak with Demi Glace sauce

My little boy loves Hamburger steak particularly so much. Nothing will stop him from having the second steak although it is obviously big size steak for little kid. Here is … Continue reading

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“Soto Betawi” (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

One of many Indonesian culinary icons, Soto Betawi has know originally from West Java. It has savory taste completed with special chips, sliced tomato and sambal. One thing major in … Continue reading

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Indonesian Ribs Sour Soup “Sup Asam Iga” (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

My typical favorite dish, sour and savory. Here is my style Indonesian Ribs Sour Soup. It is full of spices and so delicious. Super easy to make and taste wonderful. … Continue reading

December 3, 2016 · Leave a comment

Italian Meatballs Spaghetti (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Just made this for quick lunch. Super delicious, ¬†avoid using harmful tomato paste in tubes or tin can, just used fresh Roma tomato for the sauce. Here is the quick … Continue reading

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Pizza Burger (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Pizza and burger in one. Here is the answer to your wild dream! Try this pizza burger soon. (Teman-teman bikin burger pizza yuk, cara bikinnya gampang banget, yuk cobain!) Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Eggplant Pizza “Pizza Terong” (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Super easy pizza to make, try this eggplant pizza soon. You don’t have to wait for dough proofing time and so on, just slice the eggplant and go..Here is the … Continue reading

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“Sop Kikil Sapi” (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Super yummy soup which is very popular in Indonesia. Meet Sop Kikil Sapi. It’s basically beef ankle or beef tendon soup with coconut milk base and lot of spices. Here … Continue reading

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Simple Oriental Beef Steak (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

I love to make this super simple Oriental steak for dinner in hurry. The key of success for this dish is the marinating step. Here is the recipe for it. … Continue reading

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Homemade Beef Nugget “Nugget Daging Sapi” (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

For you nugget lover, here is simple recipe for beef nugget. Try it soon! (Teman-teman, ini resep simple untuk bikin nugget daging sapi di rumah. Cocok untuk anak anak pecinta … Continue reading

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