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Macaroni Snack (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Just made this easy peasy snack yesterday. Using your fave pasta. I used macaroni and little one loved it to the max! Here is the simple steps.

(Teman-teman, ini aku share resep untuk membuat snack macaroni goreng yang sedap dan gampang ya. Boleh diganti jenis pasta lain juga ingin, silahkan mencoba..)



  • some pasta (pasta favoritmu)
  • some frying oil (minyak goreng)
  • some flavoring powder (cheese, beef, anything) (bumbu bubuk)


  1. Boil the pasta following direction on packaging (Rebus pasta menurut petunjuk kemasan.)
  2. Drain the pasta and wash under flowing cold water. (Tiriskan dan segera siram air dingin.)
  3. Dry the pasta using paper towel. (Keringkan pasta dengan lap bersih.)
  4. Heat frying oil on MEDIUM. (Panaskan minyak goreng dengan api MEDIUM.)
  5. Deep fry the pasta until golden brown. (Goreng pasta hingga kecoklatan.)
  6. Take out the pasta and drain the excess oil well. (Angkat pasta dan tiriskan minyaknya.)
  7. Wait until the pasta cool completely and shake them with your fave flavoring powder. Serve. (Tunggu hingga pasta mendingin sempurna dan kocok dengan bumbu bubuk favorite. Sajikan.)

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