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How to make Easy Pancakes (Bilingual -Eng-Indo)

Hi, fellas..What’s for breakfast today? How about a stack of pancakes? Well, forget about Pancake Hot Mix you bought from supermarket. Make them from scratch with me now! This pancakes recipe is so simple and easy to try. I don’t use buttermilk and vinegar in this recipe but only regular milk instead.

(Temen-temen, ini aku post cara bikin pancakes yang super gampang, bahan-bahan sederhana, dan pasti empuk dan enak hasilnya. Selamat mencoba!)

Homemade Pancakes


– 1 cup of All purpose flour (125 grams) (tepung terigu)

– 1 cup of Milk (240 ml)(susu cair)

– 1 large egg (telur)

– 1 tbs of Granulated white sugar (12 grams)(gula pasir)

– 1 tsp of Salt (5 grams) (garam)

– 1 tbs of Melted butter (14 grams)(mentega dilelehkan)

– 1 tsp of Baking powder (3,5 grams)

– Your desired toppings from : butter, fruits, honey, maple syrup, peanuts, etc.
(Topping kesukaanmu, mulai dari mentega, buah, madu, sirup, kacang-kacangan, dll.)

1. In a large bowl, shift together flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder
(Dalam sebuah mangkuk besar, ayak bersama tepung, gula, garam dan baking powder)

2. Mix them well
(Aduk hingga rata)

3. Pour in the milk slightly and mix well
(Tuangkan susu kedalam mangkuk tepung secara perlahan sambil diaduk rata)

4. Put the egg in and mix well
(Masukkan telur dan aduk rata)

5. Pour in the melted butter and mix well, rest the batter for about 30 minutes
(Tuang mentega cair dan aduk rata, diamkan adonan dalam keadaan terutup selama 30 menit)

6. Preheat your griddle/ non stick pan on medium heat
(Panaskan pan anti lengket di api medium)

7. Use soup ladle to pour the batter onto the pan
(Gunakan sendok sup besar untuk menuang adonan diatas pan)

8. Wait until bubbles come out the surface of the pancake, then flip it, cook for about 25 seconds
(Tunggu hingga muncul gelembung-gelembung di permukaan pancake, balik pancake dan masak selama 25 detik)

9. Continue making pancakes until the batter is done
(Lanjutkan membuat pancakes hingga adonan habis)

10. Serve the pancake hot together with your fave toppings
(Sajikan pancakes panas dengan topping pilihanmu). ENJOY!

Here are the pancakes I made with this recipe:

Cheese topping

Cheese topping

“Ice cream??!…why not?”

With butter, Orange marmalade and syrup

With butter, Orange marmalade and syrup

With banana and jam topping

With banana and jam topping

Cute Teddy Bear Pancakes

Cute Teddy Bear Pancakes


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